Young Engineers…

Pupils at Hedworth Lane are taking part in the exciting Leaders Award competition which is open to all children across the UK and asks the question, “If you were an engineer, what would you do?”

We have interviewed two engineers to help inspire us to create an invention that solves a problem in our everyday lives. What a fantastic response we have had too. Children’s entries will now be looked at by a panel of judges who will then decide if the inventions can be made and showcased at various places across the country.

Here are a few designs that we at Hedworth Lane can’t believe haven’t already been invented !

Rocket Shoes (Helps you speed up if you’re tired of walking)     Year 5 (Class 2)

The book Flipper 5.0 (Turns the pages for you)     Year 5 (Class 3)

The Socks & Tights Sorter (Organises your socks)     Year 4 (Class 4)

The Clothes Sorter (Folds your clothes for you)     Year 4 (Class 5)

My new friend (Makes a friend for you when you’re lonely)     Year 3 (Class 6)