Year 6 “MEMORIES” 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Year 6 team have been thinking about how we can mark the end of year for our leavers in these unprecedented times. Under normal circumstances, the children would have performed a wonderful leavers’ assembly in the hall for all parents to attend. This would have included Djembe drumming, dances, songs, awards and much more. However, this is not going to be possible this year, especially as not all of our children are returning to school. As a result, we have tried to come up with an alternative solution, which all children can take part in and contribute to if they wish.

We have re-written the lyrics to the song ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5. Cheryl Washbourne, our dance coach, has choreographed a short sequence of dance moves to go with the chorus and has sent us a video of the routine.

What we would ask is that, if your child wants to, they learn the song and routine for the chorus. The dance routine, a memories example video, song lyrics and a sound file of the new version of the song can be found in the ‘Work at Home’ section of the school website to help. If you could then film this and send it to school, we will try to compile the video for all parents/children to have a copy. If the children find the whole routine too difficult to learn then even just a short section can be filmed and used. Another thing we would like the children to do is speak briefly about their favourite memory at Hedworth Lane and ‘what they would like to do when they grow up’. We will be sending a school badge out via post, which we will ask the children to hold while they talk about their memories/future. We would like it to look like the children have been passed this badge at the beginning and then, at the end, look as if they are passing it on to the next person. Please ensure that the children take the school badge from the right and pass it on to the left. (See the example video on school website). This should be filmed separately from the dance routine, as this will be made into another video.

Although this is not exactly our usual celebration of the time the Year 6 students have spent at Hedworth Lane, we hope that it will be something that all children can keep forever and look back on with fond memories. Children who are attending school will complete these tasks with teachers.

We ask that parents/carers do not share this video on social media, however please be advised that we do not guarantee this. Therefore, we ask that if anyone has any issues with the video being shared that their child does not take part in either of the videos. Please advise us if your child is attending school and you do not wish them to take part.


Can we please ask that all children wear their leavers’ hoodie for the video? We MUST receive the finished videos by Monday 6th July.

ALL VIDEOS MUST BE FILMED LANDSCAPE. Please send them to either or

Yours sincerely

H Moad and K Simpson