Year 6 “MEMORIES” 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Year 6 children have a long tradition of making their leaving school. Under normal circumstances, the children would have performed a wonderful leavers’ assembly in the hall for all parents to attend. This would have included Djembe drumming, dances, songs, awards and much more. However, this is not been possible this year, especially as not all of our Year 6 children have returned to school. As a result, we have tried to come up with an alternative solution, and all children were invited take part in and contribute to if they wish, whether at school or at home.

We have re-written the lyrics to the song ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5. Cheryl Washbourne, our dance coach, has choreographed a short sequence of dance moves to go with the chorus and the children have all rehearsed this routine either at school or at home.

Although this is not exactly our usual celebration of the time the Year 6 students have spent at Hedworth Lane, we hope that it will be something that all children can keep forever and look back on with fond memories.

We ask that parents/carers do not share this video on social media,

May I take this opportunity to personally thank you for your support, kind wishes and encouragement over the years your child has been at Hedworth Lane School. If you have younger children in school it is not quite the end of our relationship and I look forward to working with you for more years to come.

However, if today marks the last day for your family at Hedworth Lane, please don’t think of this day as the end of an era as this school will always be your child’s school for as long as they will remember and they will leave a piece of them behind as long as their teachers teach on.

Best wishes, stay safe and good luck!

Tony Gill, Helen Moad and Karen Simpson.