Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning about the phases of the moon this term. We looked at the different shapes that the moon appears in the sky and worked out a formula to tell if they’re ‘Waxing’ (growing bigger) or ‘Waning’ (growing smaller) . We then tried to find out why sometimes we can’t see the moon at all in the sky. The children learned that the moon hasn’t really disappeared but is just between us and the sun so we can only see its dark side. The children learned a song to help us remember all eight phases then used their knowledge to create their own moon phase art. We think they look out of this world !

Circuits and Electricity

Children in Upper Key Stage 2 have learnt about several ideas relating to electricity this half term. They are able to draw simple circuit diagrams and label them. They are also aware of the history of the discovery of electricity, electric current and voltage.

This week the children conducted an experiment to explore the following question:

What effects do differing voltages have on a electrical component in a circuit?

The children tested how changing the voltage affected motors and bulbs in a complete circuit.

The children made predictions, collected results and formed conclusions.