NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe

Two lovely ladies from the NSPCC came into school to deliver an assembly for Reception and Key Stage One then another for Key Stage Two on the very important topic of keeping safe. They talked about the rights children have, including the need to be well looked after and cared for and what this looks like. They showed animated video clips of children who were experiencing a range of neglect and ill-treatment in order to educate the children on what ‘is not ok’. The children met the NSPCC mascot ‘Buddy the Speech Bubble’ and learnt his phrase ‘Buddy says that is not ok’. The children were taught about how to get help, what a ‘trusted adult’ is and who they might be and where to get help if they need it. They also learnt and now know by heart, the telephone number for Childline. These were fun and informative sessions highlighting the key message of ‘staying safe’ and ‘speaking out’. These assemblies were followed up by in-class workshops for our older children.


Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of our work during Mental Health Awareness Week we used the popular song ‘This Is Me’ from the well known movie ‘The Greatest Showman’, as a stimulus to talk about feelings, emotions and mental health and well being. We quickly realised that everyone, including famous faces, can get worried and anxious when facing new challenges. We used the following clip as a stimulus for discussion, naming feelings and emotions and identifying times in our own lives when we have felt like this. We then thought about what it means to keep our minds, feelings and emotions ‘healthy’, ways in which we can do this and why this is just as important as keeping our bodies fit and strong. We then thought about our own unique qualities and created some fantastic pieces of work celebrating just how special we are!