Dear Parents and Carers

Hedworth Lane Primary School will attempt to reopen on Tuesday 31st March at 9.00am.

We will open for children of Key Worker families (please remember, this is when 1. both parents are both key workers and 2. Parents have no other choice but to call on school to childmind their children so they can work.)

If you require a place at school from Tuesday 31st March, please email                 by 7pm this evening. Please remember that school will challenge anyone requesting a place whereby both parents are not essential/key workers. Please do not request a place if you are working from home, are on leave or not on ‘shift’ that day. The Government make it clear that children and families are safest when all are at home and not coming into contact with others. This includes school.

There will be no hot lunch provision. There will be a ‘basic’ packed lunch. Children can bring their own packed lunches. Children with medical needs or allergies are required to bring their own packed lunch.

School will reopen on Tuesday 31st March at 9.00am until 3.30 pm. for the children of parents who have contacted school only at There will be no facility to drop children off without prior arrangement.

All my very best wishes go out to you all at this difficult time.

Tony Gill, Head Teacher