Hedworth Lane School firmly believes in good manners at lunchtime. Our pupils try hard to demonstrate good manners when we have lunch. We line up nicely, we use indoor not outdoor voices in the hall, we always say ‘please and thank you’, we try hard with our knife and fork, and we enjoy polite conversation and leave our seat nice and tidy. When we do these things we get rewarded with a sticker or a token. If our token is on the board at the end of the term we may get chosen to accompany our head teacher, Mr Gill, to a local restaurant so we can practice our skills of politeness and good manners even further.

Here we are this term visiting Frankie & Benny’s and enjoying a meal together. We even practiced a little Italian together. ‘Grazie,’ we said to the waitress and ‘Arrivederci,’ to the manager as we left.





What did we think of the meal?


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