Class 6 host a German bear!

Today was a very special day for Class 6 because it was the start of the UK-German bears project. Our special visitor, Alex the bear, arrived from Germany and will be staying with them for three weeks. The children decorated the classroom and made welcome signs which read ‘Guten Tag’ and ‘Hallo’ to help Alex feel at home. The children are very excited to learn about Alex and his adventures.

All about Alex


Hi, I’m Alex the bear from Berlin. Find out how I met my friend Ben, and what I’m doing in the UK!

It was a warm summer’s day. I was on holiday in Portugal, when I met a friendly bear on the beach.

“Who are you? Where do you come from?”, I asked him.

“I’m Ben, and I come from London”, he said, and told me lots of interesting stories about his home country.

It sounded like such a great place, with so many nice children, that I decided to come and see for myself!

I’m currently travelling around schools in the UK, whilst my friend Ben visits schools in Germany. Together, we teach children lots of fun things about our home countries, and help them learn and play together, too!

Blogging about the Bear

Over the course of the visit, Miss Roberts will be blogging on a special bear exchange website.

Click below for a link to the blog website to catch the latest posts from Alex (our German bear) and Ben (the British bear visiting our link German school)

Bear Project Blogging site here.

Questions for Alex

The boys and girls were very curious about Alex, and had lots of questions for him when he first arrived. They were very intrigued about his country, his school and how old he was. They were blown away this morning when they walked into the classroom to find a special delivery. Alex has been very busy overnight replying to everybody’s fantastic questions.