This year, at Hedworth Lane, we are hoping to achieve a special award called the International School Award.

What is the International School Award?

This globally recognised accreditation helps schools enrich learning and improve teaching by guiding their international learning activities, from introducing international education into the curriculum to embedding it within a school€™s culture.

The International School Award will spotlight and celebrate how our school:

  • works with international partners
  • promotes positive, global attitudes
  • works towards government or curricular objectives
  • encourages an appreciation of diversity, other countries and cultures

A curriculum embedded with this international dimension gives young people a window into different cultures and countries, helping them develop as responsible global citizens and preparing them for life and work in a global society.

Click on any of the other tabs in the International School Award Section, to find out about the range of activities taking place throughout the year as part of this venture towards full accreditation.