As well as being a compulsory national curriculum subject, geography is a really important and exciting area of learning and your child will cover a variety of different topics throughout primary school. The national curriculum followed by Hedworth Lane Primary School was introduced in 2014.

Teaching geography encourages children to develop inquiry skills through questioning:

  • Where is this place?
  • What is it like?
  • Why is it like that? (identifying physical features such as rivers/mountains etc)
  • How and why is it changing? (human developments/climate change)
  • How does this place compare with other places? Specifically contrasting areas to Boldon Colliery
  • How and why are places connected?

Through this questioning children develop a sound knowledge and understanding of places. Children can further develop these skills through the use of resources such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and technologies such as Google Earth. Exploring the local area through walks and trips further afield enhance the curriculum.

Our curriculum is taught in both as discrete geography lessons and cross-curricular in science, maths, history and English.

Our geography curriculum can be found here.