Artisan Sandwich Making

This term Year 3 and Year 4 designed and made their own healthy – and some not so healthy – sandwiches. Firstly, the children selected and tasted various breads so that they could plan what they would like to use in their own designs. They had to take into consideration taste, size, shape and appearance to ensure that they were successful when creating the final product. Next, they learned about the importance of hygiene when preparing and handling food. Finally, they evaluated the finished product and decided whether they would make any changes next time… We think you will agree that they look scrumptious enough to eat !

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Clay Woodland Creatures

This term children in Year 3 and Year 4 have been making woodland creatures modelled from clay.  They initially looked at a range of woodland creatures to study their features.  Then they selected the creature they liked best which could be suitably molded from the clay.  The finished product intended to look as realistic as possible.

What a great job Year 3 and 4!