Sandwich Making

The children have been making their own sandwiches in Reception this week. This activity was great for developing children’s physical skills. They spread the butter onto the bread independently and had a go cutting their sandwich. Lots of smiling faces and full tummies.

A Crash Landing!

This morning Class 10 and 11 were very surprised to find a spaceship had crashed and landed in our garden at school. Children spent the morning searching for blue and green glittery footprints and other clues to help us find the missing aliens. Some children drew pictures of what they thought our alien visitors might look like.

Police Visit

This week we have been learning about people who help us in the community. PC Luiz came to visit us in school with his police car. The children asked him plenty of questions about his job and even had a sit in the police car with the flashing blue light on.


Garden Celebration

Families joined our Reception children this afternoon to celebrate the official opening of the new environmental garden. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the children, Williby Roc’s and the children’s grown ups who have taken time to help develop our garden. It has been a brilliant sunny afternoon!

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Hospital Visit

We had a fantastic time at the Hospital this morning. Firstly, we visited the plaster room and we watched Grayson having a cast fitted to his arm. We then went outside to see the ambulance. The paramedics very kindly allowed us to try on some of their uniform before heading into the ambulance for a look around. The paramedic was very helpful and explained what each different machine did inside the ambulance. At the end of the morning, we enjoyed trying on different hospital uniforms and practiced wrapping bandages on each other. We even had enough time to give the ward’s therapy dog a quick cuddle!

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Sports Day

Whitehouse Farm

This week Reception took a trip to Whitehouse farm. We had a tractor ride around the farm before taking turns holding some of the different animals that live on the farm including a skinny pig, a rat, a snake and a rabbit. We then had a walk around the farm and fed the lambs, goats and donkeys.

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The RNLI came to visit us at school today to teach us how to stay safe at the beach. We know that the red flag means danger and the red and yellow flag is safe to swim. We enjoyed dressing up in the lifeguards uniform and watching real life rescues.

Blast Off!

Today we made rocket mice. We investigated how to make our mice fly into the air using a milk bottle. We worked together to find out why some mice were travelling further than others.

West Boldon Lodge

We visited West Boldon Lodge and took part in different activities across the day. We went pond dipping and collected natural materials to make a magic potion. We then helped Tom make a camp fire and enjoyed marshmallows and hot chocolate. We were very good at following the camp fire rules and kept our selves safe.

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Fairy World

This week, we designed our own fairies to place in the newly developed fairy small world area in our environmental garden.

Great Smile!

One of our mam’s came into school today to talk to us about her job; a dentist. She brought ‘Mr Moody’ along to school with her, and he reminded us what we need to do everyday to keep our teeth healthy. We were very excited to receive our goody bags filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes and a sand timer to help us remember to brush our teeth for 2 whole minutes.

Balance Bikes

We have had great fun on the balance bikes.  We played lots of games and we can now glide across the yard.

Messy Mud Kitchen Fun!

Today we used our newly built mud kitchen for the first time and we had lot’s of fun. We collected mud and baked a mud birthday cake. We collected leaves and twigs from the forest area to decorate our mud surprise. We also joined in with some DIY we used a hammer to hammer nails into a piece of wood to finish the planters for the new kitchen.

Cookery Club

We are learning how to prepare healthy meals in our Friday Cookery Club. Today we made ham and vegetable soup. We practiced holding a knife correctly and safely, we then chopped the vegetables ourselves. Afterwards, we wrote a recipe to take home and drew a picture of a healthy meal.


Minibeast Hunt

Today we were looking for mini beasts in our Environmental garden. To protect the bugs we used brushes to gently sweep the mini beasts into magnifying jars so we could have a closer look. We found woodlouse, worms and caterpillars. We moved the mini beasts into a newly built bug hotel and filled it with mud, grass and pine cones.

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Charity Day-Williby Rocs and NCFE

Everyone worked really hard to continue developing our area.  Our visitors helped make a story den, build the mud kitchen and make a secret garden.  We are really grateful for all of their help.


Explosive Experiments

Angela, Katie and Connor came to work with us to make toothpaste for Rudolph and coloured snow.  We had a great time using all of the equipment and watching the reactions.

Bread Around the World

Tracy Tough from Asda sent in lots of different kinds of bread from different countries. We tasted pitta bread, tiger bread, bagels, focaccia and lots more. We really enjoyed trying most of the bread and had really full tummies at the end of it.

Physical Development

Craft Session

Wiliby Rocs came to work with us in the classroom today.  We made bird feeders using grapes, popcorn and cheerios. We used a needle to thread these onto string before taking them out into our new forest area to hang on the trees. We also made a Christmas tree decoration using natural materials.

Understanding the world

Healthy Eating

Sister Hardy came to visit us at school today. We talked about foods that we should eat lots of such as fruit and vegetables and foods that we should only eat as a treat such as biscuits and ice cream. We are going to try very hard to try new foods at home and eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

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