Charity Day-Wiliby Rocs and NCFE

Everyone worked really hard to continue developing our area.  Our visitors helped make a story den, build the mud kitchen and make a secret garden.  We are really grateful for all of their help.


Explosive Experiments

Angela, Katie and Connor came to work with us to make toothpaste for Rudolph and coloured snow.  We had a great time using all of the equipment and watching the reactions.

Bread Around the World

Tracy Tough from Asda sent in lots of different kinds of bread from different countries. We tasted pitta bread, tiger bread, bagels, focaccia and lots more. We really enjoyed trying most of the bread and had really full tummies at the end of it.

Physical Development

Craft Session

Wiliby Rocs came to work with us in the classroom today.  We made bird feeders using grapes, popcorn and cheerios. We used a needle to thread these onto string before taking them out into our new forest area to hang on the trees. We also made a Christmas tree decoration using natural materials.

Understanding the world

Healthy Eating

Sister Hardy came to visit us at school today. We talked about foods that we should eat lots of such as fruit and vegetables and foods that we should only eat as a treat such as biscuits and ice cream. We are going to try very hard to try new foods at home and eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

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