A School Field of Poppies.

Every year pupils at Hedworth Lane School commemorate Armistice Day. This is a strong tradition in our school. Hedworth Lane School was built in 1913. Older relatives of the very first pupils to attend here would have fought in the Great War and subsequent wars. Each year our children observe a 2 minute silence, at 11am on the 11th November. This year, as the 11th is on a weekend, we will be observing the silence on the Friday before.

Every year we hear about Private Thomas Young, V.C. who during the period 25/31 March 1918 at Bucquoy, France, working as a stretcher-bearer, worked unceasingly evacuating the wounded from seemingly impossible places. On nine different occasions he went out in front of British lines in broad daylight, under heavy rifle, machine-gun and shell fire and brought back wounded to safety. Those too badly wounded to be moved before dressing, he dressed under fire and then carried them back unaided. He saved nine lives in this way. Thomas Young was born Thomas Morrell in Boldon Colliery and was a pupil at Hedworth Lane School. His bronze statue can be seen at the mid-point of the grand staircase of the South Shields Town Hall. Thomas is a true hero, fighting his war not with a gun, but with a first aid kit and amazing bravery.

Every year we sell poppies, bracelets and poppy badges and all the money we raise we send to the Royal British Legion.

This year the art group, led by Mrs Tennent, have been making poppies out of recycled materials. We have ‘planted’ these in the school field next to our flag pole. All week long our Armistice Day commemorative flag will be flown. We do this to remember those brave souls who have fought in all wars from the Great War onwards to present day, to preserve our freedoms and our way of life and to protect those who cannot protect themselves. “Lest we forget!”


To find more about Thomas Young click here.


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